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Automatic Weld Seam Inspection

VIRO WSI with a New Sensor: More Compact – Faster – More Efficient

Wiesbaden, April 24, 2019 – For over two decades, VITRONIC’s automated weld seam inspection system VIRO WSI has been successfully used by the automotive industry and its suppliers.  With newly developed sensors, the inspection system is now faster and more compact than its predecessor and is optimized for MIG/MAG as well as laser seams.  Thereby, the inspection system of the technology leader VITRONIC is ideally suited for all ambitious inspection tasks e.g. on car parts, axle components and car battery enclosures.

100% Weld Seams – Maximum Efficiency

Faulty weld seams have severe consequences for automobile production, in particular on safety-critical components. Recalls may run into millions, let alone the resulting loss of reputation.  Thanks to VITRONIC’s VIRO WSI, only perfectly welded components will be passed into the manufacturing process.

More Compact – Faster – More Efficient

The new generation of sensors for the VIRO WSI system is available in two different designs: a 30 mm wide field of view for MIG/MAG welded and brazed seams and a 14 mm wide field of view for laser welded and brazed seams with their very finite seam geometries.  Through the compact design of the sensors, the inspection system also reaches hard-to-access areas and diagnoses defects as small as 0.1 millimeters.  This newly deployed technology makes the new generation of sensors four times more powerful than the previous ones.  Thus, it is possible to implement even shorter cycle capable of inspecting components from several different welding stations.  With a resolution under 1 µm in depth, VIRO WSI can detect the tiniest defect. In addition, the rugged connection system featuring an easy push-pull-concept allows mounting of the sensors extremely easy.

Visualization of Defects and Process Optimization

With VITRONIC´s interactive visualization stations, defective components and seams are vividly displayed to the operator.  The direct visualization on the line enables VIRO WSI to rapidly intervene in the upstream welding process. This leads to a sustainable reduction of errors, optimizes processes and reduces downtimes, reworking and outages.

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