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VDMA meets in the iconic RheinMain CongressCenter

VITRONIC engineers actively involved in robotics and automation trade association

  • Dr. Norbert Stein, VITRONIC, resigns as Chairman of the board of the trade association
  • Dr. Heiko Frohn, VITRONIC, elected to the board of the professional association
  • VDMA for the first time at Wiesbaden's RheinMain CongressCenter (RMCC)

Wiesbaden 01.10.2018 – The VDMA Robotics and Automation Association met at the RMCC on 28 and 29 September. The theme of the event was "shaping the future and networking at the highest level". The Wiesbaden-based engineers, Dr. Norbert Stein, Managing Director of VITRONIC, and Dr. Heiko Frohn, Director of Technology and Development, were present at the event.

After three years as Chairman of the Board of the German Robotics and Automation Association, Dr. Stein hands over his honorary position at the VDMA to new hands after an impressive 24 years of active association work. As a founding member of the machine vision department, Dr. Stein headed the VDMA from 1994 as Chairman of the Board and was a member of the Board of the Robotics and Automation Association, which he lead for two office terms. He has also been a member of the main board of the VDMA for many years.

Dr. Heiko Frohn, among other members, was confirmed in office and re-elected to the Executive Board of the Machine Vision Division and also to the Executive Board of the VDMA. In addition to Dr. Stein and Dr. Frohn, other employees of VITRONIC are involved in the various committees of the VDMA on an honorary basis.

The VDMA Professional Association for Robotics and Automation bundles and represents the interests of one of the fastest growing and most innovative sectors in mechanical engineering. This year, the industry will generate a turnover of 16 million € in Germany with more than 66,000 employees, an increase of 30% since the last general meeting three years ago. Over 60% of the turnover is generated by exports alone. In the last three years, the strong growth of the industry has created more than 13,000 new jobs. The trade association thus represents one of the VDMA's high-turnover sectors with a total of 3,200 member companies.

Additionally, the VDMA trade association is an important driver of Industry 4.0, because its members’ products are core components for the development of this topic. The key to Industry 4.0 success is the standardization of interfaces between machines and systems from different manufacturers so that they can effectively "communicate" with each other. Here, the association carries out intensive basic work in order to define standards and make them marketable.