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Weld seam inspection from the technology leader VITRONIC

VIRO WSI for all battery types

Louisville/KY, 20.08.2019 - High-performance batteries for electric vehicles must not fail during normal operation on the streets and in case of accidents.  This calls for the highest quality standards in production. The optical weld seam inspection system VIRO WSI from VITRONIC detects even minimal defects in the seam dimensions and quality of laser welds. The result after optimization based on the VIRO WSI analysis functions: fewer rejects, more reliable manufacturing processes and reduced production costs - decisive for competitiveness in a global market.

German Engineering for 35 years

VITRONIC is one of the world's leading suppliers for industrial image processing and has been on the market since 1984. With innovative engineering knowledge and decades of experience from other branches of industry, VITRONIC offers manufacturers and suppliers of the automotive industry proven inspection systems for the manufacture of batteries for e-mobility.

VIRO WSI: High Performance Testing for High Performance Batteries

The automated weld seam inspection system VIRO WSI has recently been equipped with faster and even more compact sensors. VIRO WSI is available with two sensor versions: With an image field width of 30 mm for MIG/MAG and soldered seams and with an image field width of 10 mm for laser seams with their very slim geometries.

VIRO WSI identifies defects as small as 0.1 mm, even in places that are difficult to access. With the new sensors, the VIRO WSI inspection system is up to four times more powerful and achieves even shorter cycle times and faster acquisition speeds. Primary use cases are weld seams on battery boxes and contacts on lithium-ion batteries.

One test system for every battery variant

Pioneering work is required in e-mobility. There are many battery variants on the market, different materials result in different characteristics of the seams and, finally, laser welding seams are particularly fine. The VIRO WSI inspection system can effortlessly cope with this variety of variants and these challenges.

Through direct inspection in the line, VIRO WSI also enables rapid intervention in the upstream welding process. This sustainably reduces defects, optimizes processes and ensures fewer downtimes, rework and rejects.

VITRONIC presents VIRO WSI beside further optical inspection solutions for the production of electric vehicles at the Battery Show in Novi, Michigan from 10-12 September.